Children suffer profoundly as their parents fall sick or die. Their experience is often characterized by:

Fear and isolation.

Dispossessed orphans are often forced out to unfamiliar and hostile places.

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Psychosocial distress

Psychosocial distress. Their parents’ illness and death causes extreme psychosocial distress – worsened by the pervasive stigma and shame attached to HIV/AIDS.

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Withdrawal from school.

The pressures of earning for and caring for parents and siblings can lead children to withdraw from school, even while their parents are living. The pressures to abandon schooling intensify when one or both parents die.

... More about Withdrawal from school.

Economic hardship

With parents unable to work and savings spent on care, children are forced to take on the frightening adult responsibility of supporting the family.

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Loss of inheritance

Orphans are regularly cheated out of their inheritance.

... More about Loss of inheritance

Increased abuse and increased risk of HIV

Impoverished and without parents to educate and protect them, orphans and affected children face every kind of abuse and risk, including HIV infection. Many are forced into exploitative and dangerous work – including exchanging sex for money, food, ‘protection’ or shelter.

... More about Increased abuse and increased risk of HIV

Malnutrition and illness.

Orphans and other affected children are more likely to be malnourished or to fall ill – and less likely to get the medical care they need. Poverty is the root cause, but neglect and discrimination by adults in whose care they have been left are also important factors.

... More about Malnutrition and illness.


Institutionalised care for orphans and vulnerable children is not an appropriate option. We believe that resources are more effectively used in strengthening the abilities of families and communities to care for orphaned and affected children in their midst. SPAU believes that where institutional care is offered, programmes must be developed to integrate the children back into their communities at the earliest opportunity. SPAU is supporting the efforts of a local group of women in Muzinda, Nsangi sub-county to provide care and support for up to 40 orphans and vulnerable children. This care

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Nkoola charles

Dear cooperators thanks do much for the work you are doing to improve the living conditions of the poor allover the world.Am from Uganda and happen to work with a cooperative society where we improve the the skills of young men and women and also educate them about the importance of saving for future use. We help them start small micro credit funds to allow them start up small micro businesses however our capital bade is small how well can we be helped do as to meet the demands of our clients.

Nsekanabo Gorret

Hello thanks for the good job iam a single mother but life is difficult for me how may i be helped

mission to the Nations

Respected President, Greetings from Mission to the Nations - a Non Governmental Organization - Registered Christian Charity in India. Present activities: Rehabilitation to the women in Depressed, Abused, Women Empowerment Training Programs, Sharing the word of God with the unreached millions, Primary Health Care, Girl Child Education & Protection, ( we have 15 Free schools operating ) Income Generation opportunities, Poverty Relief, End child marriages, Home for the Orphans, Clean water ( Bore wells ) to impact the world by youth inspiration. In my region, there are many women who do not have any hope and depressed in their life due to their backwardness. Many of the women and children are in Slavery. Due to lack of education, the women are not getting any kind of jobs to do. Exploitation of the women is so high. Many women were trapped in to the hands of immoral people and those women are finally found in red light areas of Metro Cities In India. The fruits of the government programs are really not reaching to most of the people. Child Slavery is also high. So, we have started a mission to help the women and girl children with self employment training programs and to make them to stand on their own with dignity. Word of God and Teaching on different Skills like Cutting and tailoring, Pot painting, embroidery, envelop making, making of infinite scarf, making of cookies like Biscuits, Chocolates and Indian traditional sweet cakes, Hair Cutting Training etc. Each year, we want to help 200 women by setting up a Training center in the rural areas where these 200 women can take training on the above said Skills. In this connection, we request you for your helping hands to set up a training Center for 200 girls and to give 9 months training. So that women can start New Life. In this connection, we apply to you for a grant of 30,000 US dollars to help 200 poor women with 9 months training program. We welcome you to come to our organization to see what we are doing for the needy in the Women community. We welcome volunteers. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you very much. Kind regards to you, Pastor. Y. Paparao


Am a professional filmmaker,currently based in mbale from Nairobi Kenya .This coming weekend is fathers Day and I would like to document a short documentary about Father’s Day. And take professional picture. Kindly contact via phone ‭+256 751 203 287‬ email [email protected] We plan more....


I Thank you all under this umbrella and pray that God should bless the work of your hands and also the words of your mouth. stay blessed

sis. Josephine

Thanks for the good work my dears. Am not a single parent but raised by a single part. May God bless the works of your hands.

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