Children suffer profoundly as their parents fall sick or die. Their experience is often characterized by:

Fear and isolation.

Dispossessed orphans are often forced out to unfamiliar and hostile places.

... More about Fear and isolation.

Psychosocial distress

Psychosocial distress. Their parents’ illness and death causes extreme psychosocial distress – worsened by the pervasive stigma and shame attached to HIV/AIDS.

... More about Psychosocial distress

Withdrawal from school.

The pressures of earning for and caring for parents and siblings can lead children to withdraw from school, even while their parents are living. The pressures to abandon schooling intensify when one or both parents die.

... More about Withdrawal from school.

Economic hardship

With parents unable to work and savings spent on care, children are forced to take on the frightening adult responsibility of supporting the family.

... More about Economic hardship

Loss of inheritance

Orphans are regularly cheated out of their inheritance.

... More about Loss of inheritance

Increased abuse and increased risk of HIV

Impoverished and without parents to educate and protect them, orphans and affected children face every kind of abuse and risk, including HIV infection. Many are forced into exploitative and dangerous work – including exchanging sex for money, food, ‘protection’ or shelter.

... More about Increased abuse and increased risk of HIV

Malnutrition and illness.

Orphans and other affected children are more likely to be malnourished or to fall ill – and less likely to get the medical care they need. Poverty is the root cause, but neglect and discrimination by adults in whose care they have been left are also important factors.

... More about Malnutrition and illness.


Institutionalised care for orphans and vulnerable children is not an appropriate option. We believe that resources are more effectively used in strengthening the abilities of families and communities to care for orphaned and affected children in their midst. SPAU believes that where institutional care is offered, programmes must be developed to integrate the children back into their communities at the earliest opportunity. SPAU is supporting the efforts of a local group of women in Muzinda, Nsangi sub-county to provide care and support for up to 40 orphans and vulnerable children. This care

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Arihoona ireen , Uganda
2020 Jan 25

Thank you for the good work. Here there is a single mother, homeless, she has twins, they all look malnourished. Too tiny, 1 year old but it's unbelievable. How can u help them??

kato julius , Uganda
2020 Jan 17

PROBLEM STATEMENTThere is a worrying picture of food insecurity in Kasese district. According to Kasese district, production and marketing department annual report(2016),it has been identified that 54.6 of households experience food shortage during one or more season and that, more alarmingly,8.3 of households are food insecure during all four seasons. While most suffer difficulties satisfying their food needs at least once during the day, consumption of meals per day is on sliding scale with extremely poor and severely deprived households consuming only 2.0 meals per day on average.84 o f households do not have sufficient food reserves for the next 2-3 months. There is a low nutrition value in the daily meals consumed in majority of households in Kanyangeya parish (Kanyangeya United Couples Association) Baseline survey ,2018.The consumption of nutrition high foods is low with meat or fish being consumed on average 1.9 times per week Kanyangeya United Couples Association Baseline survey,2017. According to the recent study conducted by FURA November,2014, indicted that Nyamwamba sub-county is among the most affected sub-county having the highest number of children with malnutrition in Kasese district. Equally responses from village health team and local council leaders during the baseline survey conducted by Kanyangeya United Couples Association in 2015,clearly point out that in spite of the efforts undertaken by local leaders and self-help organization in Nyamwamba sub-county to address the above issues, there is still very limited awareness on the benefits of better nutrition practices pointing poultry keeping, kitchen gardening practices and health education among families in Kasese . Thus rendering pregnant mothers, children and their family members susceptible to diseases related nutritional deficiencies in their daily family meals or diets. According to Nyamwamba HC III Anuual performance report, 2015, the number of pregnant mothers currently receiving antenatal and postnatal care and children with poor feeding in Nyamwamba sub-county is at 34. As such, if some nutritional concerns of children and pregnant mothers are not addressed in the households in Nyamwamba sub-county and most parts of Kasese district .like it is stated that because of Poverty, they cant get money to buy other nourishing foods like meat, also Lack of awareness that-Eating mainly starches which are good foods are known for building the body. Many people grow protein foods but because they dont know the value they end up selling them and starve their body, Poor family planning with Interval between one child after the other is short and because this child will be removed or stopped from breastfeeding and taken up by the grandparents for care because they are pregnant. Also having many children which the family cannot afford to maintain or cater for, Beliefs which may be cultural or religious where some people are not allowed to eat certain types of food and which is protein in nature for example chicken, eggs, grasshoppers, fish etc, Diseases of the mother and the child play an important role in causing malnutrition for example. T.B, Cancer, Anemia etc, Drought ,Many crops in Uganda are destroyed by sunshine and this has lead to the shortage of food. Region Insecurity. thats why Kanyangeya United Couples Association thought of training on nutrition and the relevant methods of income generation. So we need your help

Linda katugume , Uganda
2019 Sep 02

Hi. My name is s Linda and am from Bushenyi district in western Uganda. Am a mother of two and currently pregnant with the third child. I used to leave in south Africa worth my boy friend from july 2013 to 2019 june. And when he found out he sent chewed us away because his new girlfriend was also pregnant. Currently am staying with my sister in Uganda. And she doesn't have enough money to sustain us. So please am begging you if u can find a job for me to start working so that I can take care of my self and the kids and the pregnancy, am now 4 months pregnant. . I will really appreciate. Am a primary teacher by profession. Hope my request will be sincerely considered. Hope to hear from u soon . thanks. Linda. 256701462945

Ajok hellen Josephine , Uganda
2019 Jul 31

hi am a single parent I have a dream project piggery and paultry keeping. I also want to start farming on large scale. I live in amuru district. am a graduate with no job how can your organization help me achieve my big dream

Ajok hellen Josephine , Uganda
2019 Jul 31

hi am a single parent I have a dream project piggery and paultry keeping. I also want to start farming on large scale. I live in amuru district. am a graduate with no job how can your organization help me achieve my big dream

Susan Nambozo , Uganda
2019 Jun 29

I appreciate the kind of work you are doing. Indeed service to humanity is the best way to serve God and to help the marginalised groups of people like single parents. May the Almighty bless all your effortsI am equally a single mother with a five year old son and I am a student of Law at Kampala International University currently in my fourth year. The father of my son has been paying my tuition from the beginning of my law course and taking care of us well but now he has got a new woman in his life and sent us packing out of his house. I kindly request for financial assistance from your organization to enable me complete my education because through my education I will be empowered and also be able to support my son through school Thank youLooking forward to your positive feedback

Nkoola charles , Uganda
2019 Feb 26

Dear cooperators thanks do much for the work you are doing to improve the living conditions of the poor allover the world.Am from Uganda and happen to work with a cooperative society where we improve the the skills of young men and women and also educate them about the importance of saving for future use. We help them start small micro credit funds to allow them start up small micro businesses however our capital bade is small how well can we be helped do as to meet the demands of our clients.

Nsekanabo Gorret , Uganda
2018 Dec 19

Hello thanks for the good job iam a single mother but life is difficult for me how may i be helped

mission to the Nations , India
2018 Nov 12

Respected President,Greetings from Mission to the Nations - a Non Governmental Organization - Registered Christian Charity in India.Present activities: Rehabilitation to the women in Depressed, Abused, Women Empowerment Training Programs, Sharing the word of God with the unreached millions, Primary Health Care, Girl Child Education Protection, ( we have 15 Free schools operating ) Income Generation opportunities, Poverty Relief, End child marriages, Home for the Orphans, Clean water ( Bore wells ) to impact the world by youth inspiration. In my region, there are many women who do not have any hope and depressed in their life due to their backwardness. Many of the women and children are in Slavery. Due to lack of education, the women are not getting any kind of jobs to do. Exploitation of the women is so high. Many women were trapped in to the hands of immoral people and those women are finally found in red light areas of Metro Cities In India. The fruits of the government programs are really not reaching to most of the people. Child Slavery is also high. So, we have started a mission to help the women and girl children with self employment training programs and to make them to stand on their own with dignity. Word of God and Teaching on different Skills like Cutting and tailoring, Pot painting, embroidery, envelop making, making of infinite scarf, making of cookies like Biscuits, Chocolates and Indian traditional sweet cakes, Hair Cutting Training etc. Each year, we want to help 200 women by setting up a Training center in the rural areas where these 200 women can take training on the above said Skills. In this connection, we request you for your helping hands to set up a training Center for 200 girls and to give 9 months training. So that women can start New Life. In this connection, we apply to you for a grant of 30,000 US dollars to help 200 poor women with 9 months training program. We welcome you to come to our organization to see what we are doing for the needy in the Women community. We welcome volunteers. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you very much. Kind regards to you,Pastor. Y. Paparao

Luseti , Uganda
2018 Jun 09

Am a professional filmmaker,currently based in mbale from Nairobi Kenya .This coming weekend is fathers Day and I would like to document a short documentary about Fathers Day. And take professional picture.Kindly contact via phone 256 751 203 287email [email protected] plan more....

monday AUGUSTINE , Uganda
2018 Jan 30

I Thank you all under this umbrella and pray that God should bless the work of your hands and also the words of your mouth. stay blessed

sis. Josephine , Uganda
2018 Jan 26

Thanks for the good work my dears. Am not a single parent but raised by a single part. May God bless the works of your hands.

Sheila Tumwebaze , Uganda
2018 Jan 10

I am a single mother to a beautiful 3year old and much as i have been blessed to still live with my parents, I know I will have to stand on my own 2 feet very soon. I also have people that are dear to me that are single parents and are really struggling, and I would love to join this organization to help them and other people in need of the support you offer. It has always been a passion of mine to do this work and I bless the Lord for the work you guys are doing and the change you are making in the world. GOD BLESS

Monica Kyomuhangi , Uganda
2017 Dec 24

I would like to be a member because am also a single mother

Florence Ssebukyu , Uganda
2017 Dec 21

swissleague has done tremendous work in helping the social and economic progress of women under Empathy Uganda.We are pleased to be part of the women that have heard a difference in our livelihoods because of the generous contributions from the Swiss league .May God bless the giving hand of the contributors to the Swiss league

Sr. Anet , Vanuatu
2017 Nov 08

very good activities YOUR PROJECT IS HELPING MANY FAMILIES .i also social worker staying Tamilnadu i also doing my services towards the village people .my country is India.i read the comments what the people wrote your activities it may reaching iany countries single activities also helping to run the familes ,growing income generation

Sr. Anet , Vanuatu
2017 Nov 08

very good activities YOUR PROJECT IS HELPING MANY FAMILIES .i also social worker staying Tamilnadu i also doing my services towards the village people .my country is India.i read the comments what the people wrote your activities it may reaching iany countries single activities also helping to run the familes ,growing income generation

Namyalo joy christine , Uganda
2017 Sep 11

I bring you warm christain greetings,I'm also in need of help for single mothers how dovi apply for it or what do I need to be part of sevices. thank you.

Namono Janepher , Uganda
2017 Mar 10

Am so blessing and humbled to see what Lord has done to the single mothers. I am one of them but looking forward to also help others so that they can full fill they dreams. May God bless

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