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Single Parents Association of Uganda (SPAU) is a Ugandan charitable organisation that aims to empower poor single parents and their families to increase their household incomes and provides a forum for marginalised single parents to advance their rights.

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The projects that we implement are real projects involving real people. Our projects aim to help single parents overcome the challenges wrought upon them by poverty and HIV/AIDS. Our projects include advocacy initiatives, income generation, HIV/AIDS- awareness, prevention and care activities and community-led efforts to provide care and support for orphans and vulnerable children. Our practical projects help beneficiary single parents to improve their household incomes, raise their children successfully and escape from desperate conditions of poverty. These projects also help single parents to

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Single parents in Uganda, like any other group of people are entitled to be in control of their own lives, but due to some negative stereotypes about single parents -especially women- that exist in some communities, single parents are at risk of having their ability to exercise choice and to represent their own interests limited. In these circumstances, SPAU seeks to ensure that single parents’ views and needs are heard, respected and acted upon.

Our advocacy activities include:

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Core Values

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Our core values are those values that we hold which form the foundation on which we work and conduct ourselves.
The core values are not descriptions of the work that we do or the strategies that we employ to accomplish our mission. On the contrary, these core values underlie our work, how interact with each other, and which strategies we employ to fulfil our mission. They are the practices that we use every day in everything that we do. Our core values are:

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Who we are

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SPAU campaigns to achieve equality of opportunities for single parents -both men and women. SPAU supports single parents in Uganda regardless of tribe, race, nationality, gender, or religion. SPAU is concerned with promoting the welfare and development of people in poor single parent families in Uganda.

SPAU mobilises single parents into small units called “SPAU groups”, reflective of the various communities in which they originate and also in which SPAU operates. A typical SPAU group consists of between 15-30 members. It is through these groups that SPAU extends support to the

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SPAU’s vision is to overcome poverty and stigma among single parents and help create a society that recognises, respects and accepts single parents as equal members of society who can contribute to its socio-economic development

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SPAU’s mission is to improve the welfare of poor and marginalised single parents and their families through empowering single parents to meet their own needs.

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Change the negativity

To change the negative attitudes of society towards people coming from single parent families

By mobilising single parents into groups through which they can carry out innovative practical projects aimed at enabling single parents to:

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Initiate projects

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2. To initiate projects in sectors that can enhance the welfare of people in poor single parent families, through:

Training services -manageable and sustainable income-generating activities
Linking remote communities to direct AIDS service providers, such as mobile clinics, blood testing and counselling
HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention campaigns among the wider community
Rights-awareness and lobbying activities to enable single parents to advance their rights

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Support systems

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3. To create support systems among people from single parent families

Through encouraging the formation of single parents groups, through which members can offer group counselling and also build resilience, from interacting with fellow single parents, so as to face the challenges that come with single parenting.

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Improving livelihoods

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Through mobilising single parents into functional and productive group/individual units, SPAU seeks to empower single parents with skills, knowledge and working capital to engage in practical and sustainable service delivery projects, through which they can gain empowerment to address their socio-economic needs.

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Fighting HIVAIDS

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HIV/AIDS is the major threat to development, economic growth and poverty alleviation in much of sub-Saharan Africa. SPAU seeks to break the HIV/AIDS-poverty vicious cycle by fighting HIV/AIDS, even as we implement development projects targeted at improving the socio-economic livelihoods of single parents. SPAU is also an active participant in the national and global battle against HIV/AIDS by engaging in various activities aimed at directly containing and preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS.

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Lobbying change-makers

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Advocacy and Lobbying change-makers on issues that affect single parents negatively in their communities

In many societies in Uganda, single parents are marginalised because of their status. This marginalisation extends beyond simple stigma. It involves single parents being denied their constitutional rights; such as the right to ownership of matrimonial property in cases of spouse death or separation, the right to custody of their children, the right to be heard and participate in their local community policy making. As a result, single parents -especially women- are sidelined dur

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Laying down new strategies:

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Strategic Planning II

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Advantage Africa is a British charity organisation that supports the ideas and work of inspirational people in Africa to overcome poverty and disadvantage. In partnership with Advantage Africa, SPAU is supporting the collective aspirations of 500 single parents from across five groups in central Uganda to become financially self-reliant and gain the skills and knowledge to combat HIV/AIDS in their communities.


CONCERN Worldwide

Concern Worldwide is a non-governmental, international, humanitarian organisation dedicated to the reduction of suffering and working towards the ultimate elimination of extreme poverty in the world’s poorest countries. Between 2005 and 2008, SPAU worked with CONCERN to improve the socio-economic livelihoods of urban-dwelling single parents across 18 zones in Rubaga division, Kampala.

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Cooperaid is a Swiss non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian, humanitarian, organisation that works together with national and international aid agencies to support local initiatives at the grass-roots. Cooperaid also seeks to enable AIDS orphans, refugee children, as well as girls and boys from poor and socially disadvantaged families to attend school. Our partnership with Co-operaid is currently benefitting up to 1,000 individuals and 150 households affected by HIV/AIDS in Wakiso district, to learn and implement Memory Work strategies within a family setting.

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Uganda Reflex is a U.K. charity that was set up in 2004 to provide assistance to SPAU activities in Uganda.
Uganda Reflex and SPAU provide human scale responses to the alleviation of poverty through intensive micro-projects targeted at reaching communities with single parents.

Most of our projects are suitable for carrying out around the homestead where children can be looked after quite easily at the same time. Uganda Reflex also promotes and assists Ugandan trade to Britain.

Together, we aim to help as many people as possible and so we endeavour to make our proj

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Ultimately, SPAU projects empower the beneficiary single parents and their families to become socio-economically self-dependent.

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HIV/AIDS affects all strata of the population in Uganda and poses a serious threat to the socio-economic life and development of individuals and groups of people alike. Although much has been done to create awareness of HIV/AIDS in Uganda, promoting testing and facilitating care for people living with HIV, a lot still needs to be done to reduce HIV infection further and to mitigate the socio-economic impact of the epidemic at individual, household and community level.

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Memory Work

Wakiso Memory Work project Florence and Dr. Satapati Children's training on Memory Work: Heroes

Through working with AIDS affected single parents and children over the past nine years, SPAU experiences revealed that many single parent families that were also affected by HIV/AIDS faced psychosocial challenges in addition to those challenges already posed by the desperate conditions of poverty in which they were living. Consequently, SPAU embarked on the preparation to implement strategies that provided for the emotional and psychosocial support of households that were affected by HIV

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Orphans and Children

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By 2001, statistics from UNAIDS revealed that AIDS had killed one or both parents of 13.4 million children still under the age of 15. The ranks of these children will soon be swelled by millions of additional others who are living with sick and dying parents. This tragedy continues to worsen as AIDS continues to kill ever larger numbers of people.

By 2010, the total number of children orphaned by HIV/AIDS is expected to nearly double to 25 million. HIV/AIDS has killed more people in sub-Saharan Africa than anywhere else in the world, and the vast majority of orphans and vulnerable c

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The idea of SPAU was born on 17th October 1999. Paul Lwanga’s idea to set up SPAU was borne out of seeing the poverty in rural Uganda and the special needs of single parent families struggling to provide enough for their households. This situation reminded Paul of his own experience in a single parent household where his mother struggled to raise him and his siblings in a chaotic Ugandan history between the 60′s and 70′s. In addition to this, many single parent families continued to lose loved ones to HIV/AIDS and malaria.

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To network with other service providers that share the SPAU vision

Through working with similar-minded people/organisations who share the SPAU vision of overcoming poverty and stigma among marginalised groups so as to enable:

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Tools for self relience

Tools for self relience have been a great help and support in providing tools for carpentry, Building tools, Sewing machines among others.

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MIVA Schweiz

MIVA Schweiz is our partner in providing Vehicles to help SPAU in transportation and ease of related transport and communication work.

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Useful Information

Where you may have a query or require our support/intervention, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email and we shall do our best to respond appropriately.
If you have been impressed by the work that we do in Uganda and would like to support our cause, whether in kind or in financial terms, you are more than welcome to come by our office and discuss this further or to send us a cheque or money order in support of our work. Within Uganda, please make it payable to Single Parents Association of Uganda.

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International Memory Project

International Memory Project

Details and profile coming soon.

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Swiss League of Catholic Women

Swiss League of Catholic Women

Details and profile coming soon.

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One Parent Families Scotland

One Parent Families Scotland

Details and profile coming soon.

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Wannabe Amazin

Wannabe Amazin

Details and profile coming soon.

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International Partners summary

SPAU maintains a working relationship with these organisations:
Outside Uganda

CONCERN Worldwide
Tools for self relience
MIVA Schweiz
Swiss League of Catholic Women
One Parent Families Scotland
Wannabe Amazin

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Other national Partners

Community Action for Development (CAD)
East and Central Uganda Integrated Farmers Association (ECUIFA)
Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Associations (DENIVA)
Legal Action for Persons with Disabilities Uganda (LAPD)
National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO)
National Community of Women Living Positively with HIV/AIDS (NACWOLA)
Private Education Development Network (PEDN)
Reach the Child – Uganda (RTC)
Uganda Human Rights Commision (UHRC)
Uganda Local Chicken Farmers Association (ULCFA)

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Ajok hellen Josephine

hi am a single parent I have a dream project piggery and paultry keeping. I also want to start farming on large scale. I live in amuru district. am a graduate with no job how can your organization help me achieve my big dream

Ajok hellen Josephine

hi am a single parent I have a dream project piggery and paultry keeping. I also want to start farming on large scale. I live in amuru district. am a graduate with no job how can your organization help me achieve my big dream

Susan Nambozo

I appreciate the kind of work you are doing. Indeed service to humanity is the best way to serve God and to help the marginalised groups of people like single parents. May the Almighty bless all your efforts I am equally a single mother with a five year old son and I am a student of Law at Kampala International University currently in my fourth year. The father of my son has been paying my tuition from the beginning of my law course and taking care of us well but now he has got a new woman in his life and sent us packing out of his house. I kindly request for financial assistance from your organization to enable me complete my education because through my education I will be empowered and also be able to support my son through school Thank you Looking forward to your positive feedback


Greetings from VOCRDC, Vadipatty, Madurai-district, India VOC Rural Development Centre- VOCRDC is a registered, non-profit voluntary organization working for the welfare and development of the dalits and weaker sections of society in the 4-districts of Madurai, Pudukkottai Cuddalore and Dindigul districts of Tamil Nadu, India since its inception. Our target groups are: Below Poverty Line and Disadvantaged Women and Children, dropout youth and orphaned and semi-orphaned children, differently abled, in Vadipatty and Alanganallur Blocks of Madurai District.Tamilnadu, India We are primarily concentrating on the Eradication of relief of poverty, hunger through sustainable livelihood and Women Economic Empowerment, in our target area. We happened to browse your website and understand that your priority areas fall in our present work. We would like to become your partners by implementing some of the project which are in line with ours. We will be very grateful if you could kindly send us your guidelines/ application formats so as to enable us to submit our project proposal for which kind of act, we shall remain grateful to you. With kind regards,

Nkoola charles

Dear cooperators thanks do much for the work you are doing to improve the living conditions of the poor allover the world.Am from Uganda and happen to work with a cooperative society where we improve the the skills of young men and women and also educate them about the importance of saving for future use. We help them start small micro credit funds to allow them start up small micro businesses however our capital bade is small how well can we be helped do as to meet the demands of our clients.

Nsekanabo Gorret

Hello thanks for the good job iam a single mother but life is difficult for me how may i be helped

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