About us

Core Values

Our core values are those values that we hold which form the foundation on which we work and conduct ourselves.
The core values are not descript ...

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Who we are

SPAU campaigns to achieve equality of opportunities for single parents -both men and women. SPAU supports single parents in Uganda regardless of tribe ...

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SPAU’s vision is to overcome poverty and stigma among single parents and help create a society that recognises, respects and accepts single parents ...

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SPAU’s mission is to improve the welfare of poor and marginalised single parents and their families through empowering single parents to meet their ...

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The idea of SPAU was born on 17th October 1999. Paul Lwanga’s idea to set up SPAU was borne out of seeing the poverty in rural Uganda and the specia ...

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Useful Information

Where you may have a query or require our support/intervention, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email and we shall do our best to respond ap ...

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Change the negativity

To change the negative attitudes of society towards people coming from single parent families

By mobilising single parents into groups thro ...

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Initiate projects

2. To initiate projects in sectors that can enhance the welfare of people in poor single parent families, through:

Training services -m ...

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Support systems

3. To create support systems among people from single parent families

Through encouraging the formation of single parents groups, through w ...

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To network with other service providers that share the SPAU vision

Through working with similar-minded people/organisations who share the S ...

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Focus Areas

Improving livelihoods

Through mobilising single parents into functional and productive group/individual units, SPAU seeks to empower single parents with skills, knowledge a ...

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Fighting HIVAIDS

HIV/AIDS is the major threat to development, economic growth and poverty alleviation in much of sub-Saharan Africa. SPAU seeks to break the HIV/AIDS-p ...

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Lobbying change-makers

Advocacy and Lobbying change-makers on issues that affect single parents negatively in their communities

In many societies in Uganda, sing ...

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Laying down new strategies:

Strategic Planning II ...

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Single Parents Association of Uganda (SPAU) is a Ugandan charitable organisation that aims to empower poor single parents and their families to increa ...

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The projects that we implement are real projects involving real people. Our projects aim to help single parents overcome the challenges wrought upon t ...

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Single parents in Uganda, like any other group of people are entitled to be in control of their own lives, but due to some negative stereotypes about ...

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Ultimately, SPAU projects empower the beneficiary single parents and their families to become socio-economically self-dependent. ...

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HIV/AIDS affects all strata of the population in Uganda and poses a serious threat to the socio-economic life and development of individuals and group ...

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Memory Work

Wakiso Memory Work project Florence and Dr. Satapati Children's training on Memory Work: Heroes

Through working with AIDS affected single p ...

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Orphans and Children

By 2001, statistics from UNAIDS revealed that AIDS had killed one or both parents of 13.4 million children still under the age of 15. The ranks of the ...

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Advantage Africa is a British charity organisation that supports the ideas and work of inspirational people in Africa to overcome poverty and disadvan ...

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CONCERN Worldwide

Concern Worldwide is a non-governmental, international, humanitarian organisation dedicated to the reduction of suffering and working towards the ulti ...

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Cooperaid is a Swiss non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian, humanitarian, organisation that works together with national and international aid agen ...

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Uganda Reflex is a U.K. charity that was set up in 2004 to provide assistance to SPAU activities in Uganda.
Uganda Reflex and SPAU provide human ...

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Tools for self relience

Tools for self relience have been a great help and support in providing tools for carpentry, Building tools, Sewing machines among others. ...

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MIVA Schweiz

MIVA Schweiz is our partner in providing Vehicles to help SPAU in transportation and ease of related transport and communication work. ...

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International Memory Project

International Memory Project

Details and profile coming soon.

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Swiss League of Catholic Women

Swiss League of Catholic Women

Details and profile coming soon.

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One Parent Families Scotland

One Parent Families Scotland

Details and profile coming soon.

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Wannabe Amazin

Wannabe Amazin

Details and profile coming soon.

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International Partners summary

SPAU maintains a working relationship with these organisations:
Outside Uganda

CONCERN Worldwide

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Other national Partners

Community Action for Development (CAD)
East and Central Uganda Integrated Farmers Association (ECUIFA)
Development Network of In ...

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